Raquel Lunardi Baccetto

esr 11 - Raquel Lunardi Baccetto

Raquel Lunardi Baccetto

ESR 11 - "Mediterranean Diet and Liver Bioenergetics in NAFLD"
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I have a BSc. in Nutrition and Metabolism and a MSc. in Psychobiology from the University of São Paulo, Brazil. My work experience as a clinical nutritionist in a hospital setting include the areas of endocrinology, pulmonology, geriatrics and pediatrics. In research, I have accomplished projects related to healthy and pathological eating behavior — for my undergraduate thesis, I studied the determinants of fruits and vegetables’ intake in children, and my master thesis was directed at exploring compulsive eating behavior in rats.

Summary of ESR Project

For project ESR 11, we will test the concept that a lifestyle and dietary intervention program, including the prescription of a Mediterranean diet improves the individual health status, including liver function, in patients with NAFLD and metabolic syndrome. We hypothesize that the intervention will lead to improvement of clinical, ultrasonography, anthropometric, and biochemical features of NAFLD/NASH as well as of intestinal permeability and faecal microbiota.


Dr. Piero Portincasa


Dr. Andrea Normann
Dr. Martin Winter


Mediagnost, Germany
microBiolytics, Germany