16th Portuguese Congress for Diabetes, Vilamoura, Portugal

FOIE GRAS CNC team was present at the 16th Portuguese Congress for Diabetes, which was held on 6-8 March 2020 at Vilamoura, Portugal.

Mireia Alemany (ESR13) poster presentation: “T2DM Disease Knowledge and Self-management Insights from Qualitative Research” by M. Alemany-Pages, M.P. Macedo, J. Ramalho-Santos, A. M. Azul.

Getachew Debas Belew (ESR4) poster presentation: “Estimating pentose phosphate pathway activity from the analysis of hepatic glycogen 13C-isotopomers from [U-13C]fructose” by Getachew D. Belew, Ludgero Tavares, Alejandra N. Torres, Giada Di Nunzio, & John Jones.