52nd European Society of Clinical Investigation (ESCI), Barcelona, Spain

During the 52nd European Society of Clinical Investigation (ESCI) Annual Scientific Meeting in Barcelona, which took place from 30th May until 1st June 2018, FOIE GRAS project was very well represented with many talks from ESRs and PIs. 

Inês Simões (ESR1); Emilio Molina (ESR7) and Raquel Baccetto (ESR11); presented their research results with an oral presentation and Adriana Filipa Fontes (ESR12) and Jelena Stevanovic(ESR10) attended the meeting. Inês`s talk was on: “Effects of western diet on liver mitochondrial function in the context of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease”; Raquel´s oral presentation was entitled “Junk score as a marker of poor adherence to Mediterranean diet. The ‘Foie Gras’ project at work in Southern Italy” and Emilio´s oral presentation was entitled “Low levels of physical activity in a Mediterranean cohort: A real-life scenario disclosed by the ‘Foie Gras’ project”. 

The Foie Gras researchers giving a talk at the ESCI2018 were (Paulo Oliveira, Carlos Palmeira, John Jones, Mariusz Wieckowski, Hans Zischka, Piero Portincasa, Paula Macedo and Afshan Malik). 

For the whole program and the title of the talks please check the program: http://esci2018-barcelona.com/