EASL- The International Liver Congress 2019, Vienna, Austria

Project FOIE GRAS ESRs attended The International Liver Congress 2019 organized by the EASL – The Home of Hepatology, which was held in Vienna, Austria and took place from 10-14 April 2019.

Inês Mateus (ESR3) working at INSERM, France, and presented her work as “Liver mitochondrial hydrogen sulfide oxidation: From nutritional physiology to non-alcoholic fatty liver pathology”.

Tawhidul Islam (ESR8) working at FFUL, Portugal, presented “RIP3 deficiency restores mitochondrial bioenergetics and function in experimental NAFLD”

Emilio Molina (ESR7) working at UNIBA, Italy presented his work “Fatty liver trends in Southern Italy: Mediterranean or Americanized lifestyle habits?”