Inês Mateus

ESR3 - Ines Mateus

Inês Mateus

ESR 3 - "Interplay between sulfide metabolism, mitochondria and NAFLD"


Inês Filipa Dias Simões Mateus, from Coimbra, Portugal. She holds a BSc in Biotechnology by the Coimbra College of Agriculture and as a part of such program she underwent an internship at the genetics department of the Institute for Biomedical Imaging and Life Sciences (IBILI). Later on she pursued her MSc in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Beira Interior where she wrote her master thesis in cooperation with the Health Sciences Research Centre. Now she is undertaking her PhD degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology, Physiology and Physiopathology at the University Paris Descartes of Paris (France).

Summary of ESR Project

Inês is a FOIE GRAS Early Stage Researcher in charge of the ESR-3 “Sulfide metabolism and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease” project. The main focus of this project is to study in the liver the physiopathological role of H2S in animal models of NAFLD as well as in obese patients.


Dr. Carina Prip-Buus


Dr. Hans Zischka
Dr. John Jones


German Research Center for Environmental Health (HMGU), Germany
Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology (CNC), Portugal