Inês Simões

ESR 1 - Ines Simoes

Inês Simões

ESR 1 - "Mitochondrial oxidative stress and remodelling in NAFLD"


Inês Simões was born in Coimbra, Portugal. She holds a bachelor´s and a master’s degree in Biochemistry by the University of Coimbra. Since her academic period, she has been interested in the unravelling the mechanisms that drive cellular dysfunction in the context of metabolic disorders. Therefore, her master’s thesis focused on the study of signaling pathways underlying the anti-adipogenic effects of a natural bile acid. Afterwards, Inês decided to complement its academic formation in the Computational Biochemistry Group in the University of Porto. During this period, her work was focused on the prediction of 3D native structures of protein:protein complexes. Before her admission in the FOIE GRAS ETN, Inês worked at Nova Medical School in Lisbon. The work focused the study of the mechanisms by which oxidized lipids conduct lysosomal dysfunction in atherosclerosis.

Summary of ESR Project

Several lines of evidence indicate early changes in mitochondrial function in NAFLD. A major factor that is associated with lipotoxicity and these early changes in mitochondria is the elevated production of reactive oxygen species (ROS). The imbalance between pro-oxidative and anti-oxidative defences in hepatocytes promotes oxidative stress which triggers the production of inflammatory cytokines, causing inflammation and fibrosis. Due to role of ROS in the development and progression of the NAFLD, this project will focus the role of mitochondrial oxidative stress and the signaling pathways underlying stress responses. Multiple antioxidant compounds with different targeting features will be tested. The work will be performed in both cell and animal models and the methodologies will focus on the analysis of mitochondrial function, biogenesis, quality control mechanisms with particular emphasis on oxidative stress.


Dr. Mariusz Wieckowski


Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology (CNC),University of Coimbra and 
University of Porto


Dr. Paulo Oliveira
Dr. John Jones
Dr. Fernanda Borges