FIRST NAFLD SUMMIT 9-11 November Rome, Italy

The First NAFLD Summit “Target-oriented approach to diagnosis and pharmacotherapy of NASH: A dialogue between academia and industry” was held on 9-11 November in Rome, Italy. This event featured a collaboration between the academia and the industry, with the aim of fostering NAFLD research. Summit covered both the basic and translational / clinical aspects of NAFLD, with a specific focus on novel drug development. Summit lasted for three days and in each of three sessions presented, an academic overview by an eminent physician-scientist was followed by three to four state-of-the-art presentations on the current NAFLD research.

Dr. Cecilia Rodrigues, Project FOIE GRAS researcher, gave a talk on the use of “miRNAs as biomarkers and targets” for treating NAFLD. Also she chaired the session on “Bile acids, bile acid signaling: Bile acids as prognostic signature in NASH.

ESRs (Bárbara Patrício, Raquel Baccetto, Sara Guerra and Emilio Molina) have had an opportunity to attend the NAFLD Summit and listen to presentations from the eminent scientists in the field of NAFLD research.

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