Interview to Dr. Paulo Oliveira at Revista Visão

The FOIE GRAS network coordinator and member of Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology (CNC) at University of Coimbra (UC), Dr. Paulo Oliveira was featured at Revista Visão, a Portuguese news magazine published weekly in Lisbon, Portugal. The piece carried the title of “Lots of medicines are derived from molecules that exist in nature. Science oftentimes validates medicinal remedies used in the past. Nature is not an enemy of science”. The narrative of the article was mainly focused towards the importance of science communication, especially in children, to defeat pseudoscience and convey the message that science is not the enemy. Dr. Oliveira’s argument suggests that the key is to educate curious and critical individuals from a young age, people able to distinguish science from pseudoscience and capable to influence policy makers into funding and supporting science.

The full interview can be found on our Facebook page (in Portuguese), or through this link.