FEBS 2019 Advance Course on Oncometabolism, Luso, Portugal

From 1-6 September 2019 in Grand Hotel de Luso, Portugal was organized a second edition of the FEBS 2019 Advance Course on Oncometabolism “From Conceptual Knowledge to Clinical Applications”, where Project FOIE GRAS and Project RISE FOIE GRAS were promoted.

The course covered a wide range of established and emerging topics in oncometabolism, from basic concepts, to recent breakthroughs, advanced techniques, and clinical applications.

Mariusz Wieckowski from (NENCKI, PL)- presented the lecture on “Mitochondria-associated ER membranes: a cancer perspective”.

Paulo Oliveira from (CNC, PT) gave a lecture on “Metabolism, quality control and pluripotency in embryonal carcinoma cells”.