FOIE GRAS scientist at EASL, International Liver Congress 2018

EASL (European Association for Study of Liver) organized The International Liver Congress 2018, from 11-15 April in Paris, France. 

Thousands of clinicians, scientists and hepatology associates from all around the world were present at the Congress and discussed the latest advances in hepatology. Participants who attended the Congress had an opportunity to participate in the new interactive research think tanks, the viral hepatitis postgraduate courses and basic science seminars on targetable pathways in liver disease as well as industry symposia. 

Dr. Cecilia Rodrigues (Project FOIE GRAS and Project RISE FOIE GRAS researcher) was a chair of several seminar sessions – “Targetable pathways in liver disease” -Basic Science Seminars. Also participating at the Congress were Dr. Rui Castro (FFUL) and Tawhidul Islam (ESR-8).