Harshitha Shanmugam (ESR11) secondment at APDP, Portugal

For the last three months (April-June 2021), Harshitha Shanmugam (ESR11) from UNIBA, Italy, was at APDP, Portugal, to perform her secondment under the FOIE GRAS project.

During this period, she validated and used three assays developed by our partner organisation Mediagnost, Germany, on three different groups of subjects to study the relation with hepato-metabolic status: 1) health lean; 2) steatosis; and, 3) obese, diabetics, and cardiovascular diseases.

She also counted with the contribution from the other partner organisation from Germany, MicroBiolytics, which was responsible for running samples from Harshitha’s research work for FTIR–based disease fingerprinting.

Additionally, Harshitha Shanmugam visited CNC (Coordinator), Portugal, during three days to have an intensive training in mid-range IR profiling of biological samples.

Despite these difficult times, the FOIE GRAS project was able to design a secondment with multiple partners involved working together on the same project from different countries.