i9agri-Agrifood Fair: the first Fair of Agroalimentary Innovation at Castelo Branco, Portugal

Promotion of the FOIE GRAS PROJECT at the i9agri-Agrifood Fair, the first Fair of Agroalimentary Innovation in Portugal. The event was hosted from 4-6th May 2017 at the Centro de Exposições e eventos da AEBB, Castelo Branco, Portugal. The fair was promoted by INOVCLUSTER and CATAA-CEi in concordance with the third International Inovcluster Congress and its goal was to gather together all the agriculture stakeholders such as producers, importers, entrepreneurs, businessmen, institutions, researchers and agriculture companies. Taking advantage of this opportunity, FOIE GRAS was one of the participating enterprises, hoping like the rest, to gain some visibility and investing in networking.

Non-Alcoholic Liver Disease (NAFLD) is the accumulation of fat in the liver not related to virus infections or alcohol consumption. The most frequent cause of NAFLD is metabolic syndrome, which is a cluster of clinical conditions including hypertension, diabetes and obesity amongst others. Therefore, in early stages, NAFLD can be easily reversed by a change in lifestyle, primarily eating healthy food and exercise. Hence, the participation of FOIE GRAS in this event is a step towards creating some connections with the agriculture sector and engaging them in initiatives that would ideally prime consumers towards healthy agricultural products.

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