Secondment- Gabriella Benedetta Sistilli (ESR5) at HMGU, Munich, Germany

Gabriella Benedetta Sistilli (ESR5) working at IPHYS (Czech Republic) under the supervision of Dr. Martin Rossmeisl and Jan Kopecky was doing a three months secondment at Helmholtz Zentrum München, Germany under the guidance of her co-supervisor Dr. Hans Zischka.

At Helmholtz Zentrum München she was working on in vitro studies using hepatocyte cell line HepG2, using different fatty acids mixtures and/or plasma of mice previously subjected to chronic dietary interventions in order to study their effects on the cells, especially on mitochondrial functionality. Since -3 polyunsaturated fatty acids reduce hepatic steatosis was interested in testing the effects of the krill oil (as a source of omega-3) on hepatocyte cells. 

This secondment was important for her scientific training in advanced techniques analyzing the mitochondrial function.