Final Conference Meeting of the FOIE GRAS ITN project

Last month, on June 16th, the Project FOIE GRAS organised its Final Conference Meeting, where all ESRs had the opportunity to present the final results, outcomes and remarks of their individual research project.

In this meeting, Dr Paulo J. Oliveira (project coordinator) presented the main results and outcomes of the FOIE GRAS project, highlighting the outstanding number of scientific knowledge produced during its lifecycle (more than 100 peer-reviewed papers were published, submitted or are in preparation).

During this event, the consortium had also the pleasure to have one member of the External Advisor, Dr Helena Cortez-Pinto, from University of Lisbon, who gave an Opening Keynote Talk, entitled MAFLD: advantages and risks of a new name.

A total of 68 participants have attended this meeting during the whole day.

Please, consult the full agenda here.